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Vortography Project, October 2011. Nikon D70

Following an exhibition of Vorticism in London in 2011, I produced this set of photographs - or 'Vortographs' - in an attempt to relocate Vorticism in the 21st century 100 years on.  They feature model Phillip Lee and the stairwell in the Harrow Campus Library, University of Westmimster.

Each example uses two digital photographs, stripped of colour and tonal content. They were composited in Photoshop.

DSC_0128 0103 derYES.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 23.21.39.png


DSC_0118 & 0179 der a4YES.jpg
der  133 178YES.jpg
170  final coloured YES.jpg
der 204 combinedYES.jpg
DSC_0079 der 2 resized to a4YES.jpg
170  final adjusted for printing to A4YE
der 172 comb flatYES.jpg
DSC_0202der164 to a4YES.jpg
DSC_0201  der resizedYES.jpg
der 099 154 a4 crop YES.jpg
der 093 103YES.jpg
DSC_0203der176 to a4YES.jpg
derivative 99 resized to a4YES.jpg
DSC_0081 der resized for a4YES.jpg
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