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In May 2006 I held an exhibition of vintage cameras at the University of Westminster. Several other people as well as myself contributed exhibits and some photographs taken with the cameras. I produced this gallery record to showcase our work.

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The second journal I produced a year after the 2006 exhibition. Out and about photographs using a variety of cameras from my expanding collection. Cameras are illustrated here alongside my experiences using them.

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This links to catalogues that I created to support various exhibitions or displays, Currently it covers The Press Pack, Cameras of the '30's and The Coronet Camera Company.

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I produced my third journal in 2009 featuring more pictures from my growing camera collection. It features my explorations of Polaroid and Fuji Instant Print Cameras.

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2011 and my fourth journal. This one includes experiments with stereo photography using a variety of cameras and techniques.

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My report from 2012 includes masses of lovely pictures from stereo cameras, 9mm Minox, a Canon F1, a Hasselblad and many more.

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This is a compilation of my experiments and investigations in stereo photography up to 2012.

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